The Last 10 Photos In My Camera Album

I was out of action for most of last week with a bout of Freshers' flu, which I'm yet to see the back of,  and my first week of lectures for third year, so I didn't manage to get a post up *sad face*

Now, I'm not sure where I saw the idea for this post but I remember thinking it was a really good one. The idea is to post the last 10 photos taken, in this case on my phone, without deleting and with as much or as little explanation as I want to include. 

So here it goes...

1. I sent this photo to my aunty to show her that Heinz had brought out a new soup - how dull does that sound?! We'd both tried a couple of their others and I got a little bit excited when I saw they'd brought out a chorizo flavoured one. As it turns out I didn't really like it much, but there you go. 

 2. This could be the best picture I've ever taken, ha. There was a no delete rule after all!
I took this before I headed to the library on Thursday to get out one of the books on the reading list for my Victorian module. I didn't actually end up taking it out, instead I stayed in the library and made my notes there because there was only one copy and I thought I'd be nice. The next day the chapter was put up online, so I needn't have bothered, but it probably would have taken me longer to finish making notes with the millions of distractions at home. 

3. This was a Snapchat I sent to Sam on Friday that I accidentally saved to my phone. The caption was 'Who needs Costa?' 
Galaxy Ripple hot chocolate with marshmallows though 

4. Another picture I sent to Sam, He bought me that book not so long ago because it's about a Suffragette and I'm doing the Women's Suffrage Movement for my dissertation. And it was signed by the authors! I finished it a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed it. Plus the sources listed at the back really helped me in looking for some secondary literature for my dissertation. Entertaining and academically beneficial - I'm such a nerd. 

4. Aww, I took this photo after posting the next photo on Facebook and receiving a comment from my aunty about how there were no pictures of her in sight. So I sent her this to show her that there was a picture of her, just up on the pinboard on my other wall. 

5. This was a present from two of my friends for my 18th birthday. I meant to bring it down to York last year to put up but I forgot, so I made sure it was packed in the car when I came back a couple of weeks ago. I love having it up in my room, and it does cheer me up when I look at it. 
Plus I love how pretty my Ikea fairy lights look!

6. Me and my housemate Hannah on the Battle of the Halls bar crawl last Sunday. This was taken in the toilets of Society - and yes, we are wearing practically the same outfit. It was a complete coincidence, but a bit weird when she came downstairs and was wearing essentially the same thing!

7. Me and Ellen in The Stone Roses Bar. This was the first time I'd been to Stone Roses and it was amazing. Firstly, I discovered that a treble vodka and Fanta Fruit Twist is amazing, and for students is only £2.50, woo! Secondly, the place is pretty damn cool. Anywhere that has pictures of Tom from The Enemy, The Courteeners, The Beatles and The Who (and of course The Stone Roses, but I don't really know anything by them) is my kind of place. And obviously the music was amazing. I've never heard The Enemy on a night out, let alone Little Man Tate. That place actually made my night and I'll definitely be going back at some point!

8. Me and Hannah, Stone Roses, same night. 

9. Hannah and Ellen, Stone Roses, same night. 

10. This is from my first night back in York this term. We got tickets for the UV Paint Party at Salvation and it was the first time I'd ever been to one. I really like this photo, but the Kopparberg in my hand was £4.50 which I didn't like so much. I'll take £2.50 trebles over that any day! 


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