Third Year Uni Goals

At the minute I'm in the middle of a huge internal panic. Something along the lines of: 
"Oh my god, I'm in my third year of uni. I've got so much to do. I need to do research. I need to be organised. Soon enough it'll be Christmas and I'll need to start revising. Then it'll be February and I'll be 21. OH MY GOD I'm nearly 21."
And term hasn't even officially started yet.

So, instead of letting myself panic, I decided to make some goals that will (hopefully) keep me a bit more organised and, well, a little bit more sane. 

1. Don't over-stress about your dissertation. 
I decided this should be number 1 because I've already started worrying about it. Well, more about the fact that I've got to travel home to do my research, as well as going to uni, doing work for my other modules and looking for a job. (I'm looking at you Student Finance.) I'm sure after Christmas I'll start panicking about the small matter of writing 12,000 words, but for now that's not worrying me too much. 
So, I'm going to try not to stress about it as much as I can. Everyone is in pretty much the same boat, and worrying about it all the time won't make it get done any faster. 

2. Do the reading before lectures!
I've started every term so far with the best intentions to do the recommended reading before I go to lectures. And I usually do well for the first few weeks. But somewhere between assignments, making cake and watching TV with my housemates I eventually forget about it. Which has led me to spend more lectures than I'd like to admit staring blankly at the powerpoint, making notes about people and things I've never heard of.  That, and finding answers to discussion points from Wikipedia during seminars. Not ideal. 
This year I'm definitely going to try and keep up with the reading. I'm hoping using Timeful to plan out my day when I'm not at uni might help me find time to do so. 

3. Start assignments/revision early.
I usually start the research for my assignments pretty early, but I sometimes leave the bulk of the writing until the last minute. I've never done badly in an essay, but starting to write my essays earlier would be a whole lot less stressful. 
My real problem is with revision. For some reason since I left college I've started to think that the Christmas holidays is enough time to revise for the January exams. It's not. 
After a couple of disappointing marks when we got our results for last year's exams, I promised myself that I'd start things earlier this year. And I fully intend to.

4. Make the most of being at uni. 
Pretty self explanatory really. This is my last year of being in full time education for the time being. I don't want to regret not doing more once I've left uni. So I'm going to try and make the most of the time I've got left in York before I leave uni and have to be a grown up. (Not that I'm ever planning on really growing up of course!). 


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