Glasgow Summer Sessions 2014

As you might know, The Killers are one of my favourite bands in the world. I've seen them live quite a few times and think they're amazing, but my Dad wasn't totally convinced. That was until we saw them headline Sunday night at T in the Park last year. So, when he found out that they were headlining the second Glasgow Summer Sessions gig, supported by Miles Kane and The Courteeners, he bought tickets straight away. I was so excited, with my holiday and afternoon tea already planned in August, a trip to see The Killers was the icing on the cake. 

OOTD - New Courteeners tee

I love Miles Kane, we also saw him at T in the Park last year and that was the only time I'd ever seen him live. I was over the moon when he was in the line up. His set was so good, and I think the highlights were definitely Don't Forget Who You Are and Come Closer

Love this photo!

The Courteeners are another of my favourite bands. I must have seen them five or six times and they're brilliant. Seeing them in Glasgow was mental though. Before their set the crowd seemed to double, and it was packed. I don't usually mind it when people go a bit nuts at gigs, but during their first couple of songs I couldn't actually stay on my feet because I was being pushed around so much, I'm only little you know! My sister ended up falling over and I almost had someone stand on my leg. Which scared me a bit because I remember being at a gig and hearing about a girl who'd had her leg broken because she'd fallen over and someone had stood on it. Once we moved out of the way a bit it wasn't bad, but their set kind of passed me by and I didn't like the atmosphere much.

Now, once The Courteeners' set had finished I was ridiculously hungry - we hadn't eaten since two - so we headed out of the crowd to get something to eat. All that was on offer was chips and burgers etc,  and I was so hungry that I'd started to feel a bit ill. I ate my chips but they only made me feel worse.

 I hate being ill at gigs - I powered through The Panic! At The Disco Fiasco of 2012 but had to leave when I was bad at You Me At Six. Sadly, this ended up being more like the latter. I tried to stay as long as I could, but ended up sitting in the First Aid tent while my Dad and Hannah watched The Killers outside, until my Dad decided we needed to go.

I was gutted that I missed The Killers - especially when I found out the next day that they'd covered Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds - and I felt really bad that my Dad and sister had had to leave too. I did get to hear A Dustland Fairytale and From Here On Out (accompanied once again by Brandon asking the crowd if they'd brought their dancing shoes), both of which I love live, but sadly I didn't get any photos from their set.

But Brandon Flowers has a new solo album coming out next year, and has recently suggested that the band are only taking a break. So hopefully I'll get to see them soon, and make up for The Missed Killers' Set of 2014.


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