Last week I did something that totally surprised me: I went to my first blog event!

I'd always read posts from other bloggers about going to events but I never thought I'd have the balls to actually go to one myself. However, when my lovely aunty Kayleigh told me that she was organising an event with Angela from Scout Vintage I decided it'd be the perfect opportunity to dip into the world of blogging events. 

I'd heard lots of good things about Scout, but I'd never actually been in the shop before. It was quite small, but full of rails packed with some amazing vintage clothes. As I'm going on holiday soon all of my money is now waiting to be changed into Euros,  but the next time I've got some pennies I'll definitely be heading to Scout for a proper look. 

There were also some lovely goodies on offer from other local businesses. Serendipity - the prettiest tea room ever - provided cute cupcakes with the most gorgeous buttercream/frosting. There were caramel, vanilla and chocolate iced lattes from Holmeside Coffee, which I didn't expect to like because I don't like coffee. How wrong I was. I chose the caramel option and it was so good! There were also strawberries and cream and two giant bowls of popcorn! 

We also had the choice to get our hair done by the girls from The Black Door Hairdressing and makeup by Tamzin Cummings. I eventually plucked up the courage to get my hair done, and I was so glad I did. I hardly ever wear my hair up (because I'm generally rubbish at hair) so I asked for an updo to try something new. I was so happy with it, and even my Dad said he liked it when I got in. I only wish I'd decided to get it done earlier in the night because by the time it was finished I didn't get the chance to get my makeup done too. Everyone who got theirs done did look amazing though!

The event was accompanied by the sound of some quality 80's music, played through the coolest record player in the corner. I was well impressed. 
I was quite proud of myself because even though I am really shy I did manage to speak to some people, and it was nice meeting some other bloggers. Everyone was so lovely, and I've now got a whole list of new blogs to read.

Finally, at the end of the night we each received a lovely goodie bag which included a bandana from Scout, makeup, a ring and some Yellow Fun from the Sunderland Lush store.  

Thank you to Kayleigh for organising the event (and for inviting me!), Angela from Scout and all of the other local businesses that contributed to the event with their yummy food, refreshing drinks, goodies and amazing hair and makeup skills! 


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