I thought I would do a quick update to explain why things have been so quiet around here lately. Since my last post I've officially finished my degree, completing my last ever exam on the 15th May. I can't believe it's all over and that in a few weeks I'll be leaving York for good. Since then I've been, well, celebrating. Different courses finishing at different times meant that we just had to go out more than once so everyone got a good night out - as well as a celebratory afternoon tea at the Hilton (post to come!) 

Top Row: Sports and Societies Dinner with the History Society, End of Uni Celebration at Revolution, Revs Pornstar Martini. 
Middle Row: Me and Kirsty & Me, Kirsty and Emily, Afternoon Tea with the Housemates. 
Bottom Row: Last night out in York at Stone Roses (may or may not have ended up in Willow).  

   I also managed to get nearly a whole week at home while my family were all off for half term. I didn't have a day where I wasn't doing anything. I made sure one of the first things I arranged was dinner with my Nana, because I hadn't seen her in far too long with being so busy at the end of this term. My sister and Kayleigh came too, which always means a trip to Serendipity! I also had a visit to Beamish with my Gran and Aunty Karen where I obviously came back with a bag full of treats.  I finally got round to seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was pretty good. As well as the cinema, me and Sam also went to Port of Call for food, which he soon established wasn't the place he thought it was. Our next outing will therefore be to Purple Bar, which happens to be next door. Port of Call was nice though, but I wished I'd chosen a beef burger or the Blackened Cod instead of the Fish Sandwich. 

In addition, faced with the prospect of finding a place at home for everything I've accumulated while I've been at uni, me and my Mam went to Ikea to find some kind of storage solution! After lusting after all the amazing furniture (hardly any of which would fit in my box room) I found some drawers that would actually fit in my wardrobe. And I put them together all by myself. Finally, that night me and my Mam and Dad went to the Stumble Inn to see The Rattlers. It was a good night and I finally tried the new Zesty Blood Orange Bulmers, which might be my new favourite drink. 

L-R: Beamish Edwardian Town, Food at Port of Call, Zesty Blood Orange Bulmers at The Stumble Inn. 

I've now only got 3 weeks left in York, after which I'll be moving back home. I won't be jobless however, as I've managed to get a transfer to Debenhams at the Metro Centre. Which is really good news! 


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