York #2

Over the last few weeks I've spent quite a bit of time in York. After nipping down to see my housemates for a few days in July, it was only a week before I was on the train and headed back to York with my boyfriend. 
Clockwise from top left:
1. Our Nandos order
2.  I don't think it was intended, but this picture definitely looks like an 'oh God, shes's taking photos AGAIN' pose.
3. Museum Gardens
4. Ruins of St. Mary's Abbey 

After spending Wednesday night eating lasagna and watching The Middle, on Thursday we headed into town to have a look around. As always, we headed to Nandos. I was so glad because I hadn't been since Easter and I'd been looking forward to it since we started planning our mini trip. We got our usual - a Medium Wing Platter with Spicy Rice and Chips with Peri-Peri Salt - and it was lovely. By the end of the day Sam found had some new trainers in Schuh, a jacket in H+M and some Nike socks from TK Maxx, and we both bought some fudge from one of the sweet shops next to the Minster.

1. Museum Gardens
2. The Yorkshire Museum 
3. Me and Sam
4. Roman find 

The next day we thought about going to somewhere like Scarborough or Whitby but it would have meant a couple of hours on a bus, which wouldn't have been fun in the 26 degree heat. So, we decided to make the most of being in York instead. I had planned to renew my York Card so I could get into the museums for free, but as the city library was closed that was out of the equation. 
 First we decided to head to the Yorkshire Museum, a place we'd never been. There were some really cool things in the collection and I took about a million photos. Well maybe not THAT many, but I only chose some of my favourites to include here because there were far too many to use them all.  

1.The York Helmet
2. The Middleham Jewel
4. Roman child

Dinosaur Scales!
I'm the same weight as a heavy Hypsilophodon and Sam's the same as a Dromiceiomimus. No? Me neither. Pretty cool though.

1. National Railway Museum 
2. Pushing a luggage trolley
3 & 4. The Dining Car Restaurant. 

After getting an ice cream in Museum Gardens (double scoop mint choc chip in a waffle cone x2), we headed to the National Railway Museum. I had visited the museum before, in my first few weeks in York, but Sam had never been. I was most impressed by the carriage they had that was used by Queen Victoria. I meant to go back to get a photo later on but I forgot.  I also liked the addition of the Dining Car Restaurant - we didn't eat there as we'd just had ice cream, but if I go again I'd definitely give it a try because it looked really cool. Apparently they do afternoon tea too for £11.95 a head, which I might have to mention to my housemate at some point when we're both back in York.

1. Drinks at the Dining Car Restaurant
2. Ticket for the mini-train
3. On the mini train
4. We found a Metro map!

We also decided it'd be fun to have a go on the mini train. It is probably aimed at kids, but it was only £1. I don't think we got judged too much! As well as seeing some famous trains - like the Mallard and the Flying Scotsman - we also spotted a map of the Metro line from 1996. I probably got far too excited when we saw it, and it was quite weird seeing it without the Sunderland extension! 
After having a look around the gift shop we bought tickets for the Road Train, which travels between the museum and the Minster every half hour for £2, and headed home.

 Oh! Sam got me this ridiculously cute Flying Scotsman teddy as a souvenir of our visit. He's called Wilbur. Isn't he adorable?

It was a lovely few days and I'm pretty sure we've now got plans to visit some of the other museums in York next time we're there.


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