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This was originally supposed to be a 'This Week I...', posted on Sunday but I had a guest in the form of Sam so I didn't end up getting it done. I decided to post it anyway, and I'm thinking about making it a weekly thing. (Although I'm not sure I lead an exciting enough life to keep it up, haha!) I'll see how it goes.

So, last week I... the student lock in at Cath Kidston in York. 
I've been to the lock in at Cath Kidston every year that I've been at university and I was a little bit sad that this was the last one I'll be going to in York. Over the summer I saved some money from babysitting my mam's friend's little boy, and I kept it specifically for the Cath Kidston night. 
I knew exactly what I wanted for myself (after talking it through with my mam on the phone that afternoon) and was also instructed to buy two bags for my aunty, who wanted to take advantage of the 20% discount offered at the student nights. Here's what I ended up with: 

Clockwise L-R from top left:
1. Bits for me: London Buses Small Zipped Handbag, Folk Flowers Folded Zip Wallet & Clifton Rose A6 Diary. 
2. Folk Flowers Folded Zip Wallet
3. Button Spot & Mews Ditsy, and Folk Flowers & Button Spot Reversible Folded Messenger Bags. 
4. Limited edition bag for spending over £40, which I gave to my housemate Hannah because I won't use it. 

SAW...Pride at York Picturehouse. 
This might actually be a contender for my favourite film that I've seen all year. Me and Hannah have been planning on seeing this since we got back to York but only just got round to it. The film is about the gay and lesbian support for Welsh striking miners and their community during the 1980s, to put it briefly. We went last Wednesday because it was cheap ticket day at the Picturehouse and I could use my Orange Wednesday code to get us in for £2.75 each. Being the thrifty students that we are we also took our own popcorn (expertly prepared by Hannah) and drinks. 
It was an amazing and inspiring film that's stayed with me since we saw it. For anyone who hasn't seen it, you should definitely march down to your nearest cinema and see it straight away. Unless, y'know, its 12am and you should really be sleeping like I should be... 

LISTENED TO...A playlist named 'Playlist'
I had a job interview last week and made myself a quick playlist to listen to on the way there to psyche myself up for it. Songs included: 
You're Not Alone - The Enemy 
How Good It Was - The Courteeners
Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) - Panic! At The Disco 
Of All The Gin Joints... - Fall Out Boy
and No Tomorrow - Orson
(I don't know where I managed to dig that last one up from, but it's such a good song!)

Like I said, Sam came to stay in York this weekend and we continued our tradition of Friday tea at Nandos. It felt like forever since I'd been (probably the last time we were in York together) and it was ridiculously yummy that I ate more than my share of the chips. Sorry Sam! 

and finally, 
Yes, you heard it here first, (or not if you saw on Twitter or Facebook) I finallllly managed to get a job! My interview was for a Christmas Temp job at Debenhams in York, and on Thursday I got a phone call to say I'd been successful!
I was so over the moon, and I don't even care that I've got to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.  I'm just happy that I'll be able to afford to buy people Christmas presents this year...and maybe one or two things for myself at some point. 

Have you been up to anything exciting recently?


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