Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Clockwise from top: 
1. Studded pumps - £10 from George @ ASDA
2. Jumper - £3.50 from George @ ASDA
3. Bag - £4 from Primark
4. Shirt - £6 from from George @ ASDA

Today I thought I'd share some of my recent purchases (or recent bargains maybe...?) 

I wanted some black pumps to wear on a night out that weren't just plain. I love wearing heels but I can't wear them without my feet hurting and I don't do very well with pain. Anyway, I saw these in ASDA when I was looking for a top to wear last Saturday night. I love the studs on them, and for £10 I thought they were really worth it. They also do them in nude with gold studs, which were really nice too but I personally preferred them in the black. I wore them to go out last Saturday night and I didn't get blisters, which I sometimes do when I buy new flats. All in all I'm really glad I found them. 

I found the grey jumper on the sale rack during the same shopping trip. I don't know how much it had been but it was reduced to £3.50. The front of it is hole knit, which means I have to wear a vest with it. When I get round to it I'll also try wearing it with a shirt too. My sister reckoned I looked like 'such a student' when I wore it with my jeans, leather jacked and new pumps. I think she meant it as a compliment - I hope she did anyway!

I got the bag from Primark a couple of weeks ago. I'd come home for the weekend and I'd left my small black bag in York. Seeing as my sister wouldn't let me borrow one of hers, I nipped to Primark knowing that I'd be able to find something pretty cheap that I could take with me on a night out with my boyfriend. I have a small love of studs at the minute so it was my favourite in the shop. It has a small zip pocket inside and it was big enough to fit my Cath Kidston purse (which I blogged about here), my passport, keys and lipstick. 

Finally, I got this shirt (after much deliberation) to wear to go out last week. It was also in the sale in ASDA so I got it for £6 instead of £12. There was a button missing but it came with a spare so that was easily fixed. I loved how it looked and I figured it was a little bit of investment as it would fit the SS13 monochrome trend. I also liked that it had long sleeves, as its not exactly warm at 2am in Sunderland! I wore it with a black skirt, black leather jacket and my new pumps and I was really pleased with how it looked. 

Have you found any bargains in the mid-season sales? 
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