A Fire Burns Today, Of Blasphemy And Genocide

I'm not really very good at doing this on a regular basis am I?
I've been finished school for about 7 weeks now but now everyone else is off too. Its kind of like a routine now, not having to do anything. I've tried getting a job but the only interview I've had didn't happen, which is awesome but not my fault "/
I haven't done much writing, which isn't good either seeing as I promised myself I would. I think I need to set out a certain time to write and maybe I'll actually do it.
I got the option blocks for college through the other day. It sucks because History and Sociology are in block A and English Lit and Government and Politics are in block D. I have to pick one from each so I'm buggered. I'll probably either end up doing History, English Lit and Psychology and not dropping a subject after the first year, or choosing something like Film Studies from block C. It's so unfair.



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