Since I got back from Lanzarote I've been ridiculously busy - going for afternoon tea, going to Glasgow to see The Killers and finally starting some research for my dissertation. More about all of that later, but apologies for the lack of posts last week! 

I'll not bore you with every detail of my holiday, but I'd never been to Lanzarote before and I had a lovely time. It was a bit windy for my liking though (which I've apparently told everyone) so I'm not sure whether I'd go back in the future. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite photos. There are more here than I originally intended, but I couldn't choose between them to narrow it down!

Santa Rosa Apartments

Santa Rosa Apartments

Slush Puppie by the pool

Sex on the Beach
(and my Gran's fish and chips!)

Teguise market

Teguise market

Teguise market


I'm now in love with coconut ice cream!

Me and my sister may or may not have watched an episode of Castle in Spanish for the craic

Me and Hannah

Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday!


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