Happy Easter!

...Even if it is a day late! I hope everyone had a lovely time. I've been a bit poorly over the weekend so I haven't felt like blogging until today - I didn't even eat any chocolate until after 8 o'clock last night! Anyway, I got a few eggs this year, more than I was expecting actually. I love the one shaped like the chicken from my Aunt - it's nest is even made of chocolate! There's one egg missing from the photo but there really wasn't much left of it to take a picture of...

In a break from tradition however, instead of getting an Easter egg from my Mam and Dad I got two Sherlock Holmes books. They were 2 for £3 in Sainsbury's so they were pretty much the same price as an egg would have been. Plus they have introductions by Steven Moffat and Benedict Cumberbatch, which I'm looking forward to reading!

How many eggs did you get? Or if you didn't, did you get anything else instead?


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