You Can Say What You Want, 'Cause Its What We Like

Lately, this has been my life. And by 'this' I mean revision. 
As it's nearly May it's now exam season, so for the next 3 weeks I'm going to be in total exam mode. The stationery in the photo was a present from my Mam at the weekend. I love using Post-its for revision, so having a pack of 5 different colours got me very excited. The Sharpies were half price in Ryman, and again, I loved all the colours they came in. So far I've used them to make a timeline of the Cold War, its...well...colourful to say the least!

Another thing I wanted to share with you was this...

I've been looking for a mask for my hair for a while now, with it being curly it sometimes looks really dry and I wanted something that would give it a bit of moisture. This caught my eye in Sainsburys the other day and I thought I'd give it a go. One of the things that attracted me to it was the 'Hawaiian coconut & orchid extracts' and after using it I can tell you it smells amazing

Usually after washing my hair I put some mousse through it (at the minute I'm using Herbal Essences MaxHold Mousse) and dry it using a diffuser. However after using this I decided against using the diffuser and just left it to dry naturally. Usually if I do this my hair goes quite frizzy, but I was surprised at how nourished and shiny it looked. I reckon I'll be using this a couple of times a week from now on, it was well worth the £4.39 I paid for it. 

Anyway, for now I'm going to watch A Single Man and try to convince myself that it counts as revision because it's set during the Cuban Missile Crisis... x


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