Student Night @ INTU Metrocentre

If you read my last post, you'll be aware that I've had a bit of trouble coming to terms with the end of uni life. So it might not surprise you that when I realised that I'd be able to attend the student event at the Metrocentre I jumped at the chance to go. The only requirement was a valid student card, and thankfully mine was still valid on the 30th September when the event, hosted by Unidays, was held. Seeing as I don't actually graduate until November I reckon that technically I'm still a student until then anyway! 

As I work at the Metrocentre, I'd seen the event being advertised for weeks so I had quite a while to get excited about it, but because I was actually working on the night of the event I had to be prepared to get my shopping done quickly so I wouldn't be late. I did almost bottle the whole thing, especially when I found myself stood alone in a rather long queue full of groups of students talking about freshers week and how much of their student loan they were willing to splurge on the night. I also looked like the most boing person ever, turning down the many offers by the guys from Foster's who were handing out samples of their new Foster's Rocks Spiced Rum and Classic Rum flavoured lager, as I'm not allowed to drink before work and I wasn't sure whether I could even take it in with me. 
Nevertheless, despite my internal struggle (and reluctance to give up my last chance to attend a student lock in) I persevered and after around a 15 minute wait I was handed my save zone wristband and headed out to bag some bargains. As you can see from the photo above, I wasn't disappointed. 

So many of the stores at the Metrocentre were involved in the night, with discounts like 30% off at Levi; 20% off at Topshop/Topman, New Look, River Island, H&M  and Dorothy Perkins and even 10% off at HMV. Many of the restaurants and cafes also took part - I wished I could have taken advantage of everything. I chose to pop into KFC, who were offering 25% off any purchase over £5, and tried their new Zinger Rice Box. I thought it was a healthy choice, for a fast food restaurant, but I hadn't realised there would be BBQ sauce involved - yuk! 

There was also a limited number of goody bags available on the night. I wasn't going to get one, but on the night I couldn't resist, mainly because I really wanted to know what was inside them! The 'Sudent Survival Pack' included a double sided movie poster of The Martian/Bridge of Spies (depending on whether you'd rather have Matt Damon or Tom Hanks decorating your uni room - personally I'd go for Damon!), an intu student cookbook full of yummy sounding recipes, a sample of Pantene's new Repair & Protect shampoo, conditioner and repair masque, a small tube of Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste (a lifesaver for when you've run out without realising), a Sausage Casserole Pot Noodle, some Jacob's crackers and some Dizolve washing sheets. 

   Can we just stop to admire the lovely packaging from Boux Avenue please?
So, on to my purchases. My first port of call was Boux Avenue, becuase I was in desperate need of a new black bra (thanks to wearing a black uniform 5 days a week). I thought about getting fitted properly, and almost didn't thanks to the queue that had formed for the fitting room. But the next thing I knew the queue had gone and I had no excuse. The girl that did my fitting was called Becky and, although I've had loads of fittings before, she was so lovely that I was immediately put at ease. I felt like a very awkward customer as I wasn't sure what I wanted, and then I wasn't sure that the ones she brought me to try felt right, but if she was annoyed at all she didn't show it. In the end I left with the Isabella bra in black and 3 pairs of knickers (how cute are the tartan boxers please?!) 

I'd been eyeing up this shirt in New Look for ages but couldn't really justify buying *another* checked shirt. However, with 20% off I couldn't resist. Similarly, I've been wanting to read Gotham City Sirens for ages, but with it costing £18.99 in Travelling Man in Newcastle I couldn't really justify that either. Being a huge bookworm, finding out that Waterstones was offering 20% off books was like finding out Christmas had come early...that was until my mam told me I didn't need any more books. Knowing that she'd probably kill me if I came home with a bag of books while she knew fine well that I have a whole stack still to read at home, I limited myself to one *sob*. Thankfully, all she said was 'I don't know where this has come from, you never used to be interested in superheroes' so I figure I'm off the hook! 

Finally, although I didn't tehnically buy these at the student night I wanted to post about them anyway because I really like the photo I took of them. My go to jeans at the minute are Topshop's Jamie jeans, after I couldn't find a pair of their Leigh jeans to fit like the ones I bought in Leeds last year. I already own a black pair, but all of my blue jeans seem to be on their last legs (ahem). So I chose these Jamie jeans from Topshop in the Bridges a couple of days before the student event. I think I'm yet to find my perfect jeans but for now these are my favourites.  

Being my last student lock in, I'm quite glad I chose the Metrocentre over, say, The Bridges or Eldon Square.  Although I would have enjoyed it better if I'd been able to go with my boyfriend or friends, I was pleased with what I got, and I think I was quite restrained compared to some people I saw on the night - I do have to save for my trip to London you know! But anyway, to anyone that is currently or soon to be a student, I would totally recommend attending a student lock in at some point during your time at uni. There are some brilliant discounts to be found, which means you don't have to spend a fortune if you don't want to.


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