That's Not My Name

Oh hi there, looking for The Adventures of Little Red? Thought so. 

So, I've had a bit of a change around here. I've been wanting to rename my blog for a while now but I couldn't think of anything that sounded, well, original. I'm not even sure Northern Fall is any good, but it kind of feels right. Which I guess is something. 

I've always loved writing and I think this blog is probably more for me than anyone else - so if anyone is reading this, I hope you like it. I've got some posts in mind for the next few weeks, including a couple on T in the Park (which was amazing!) as well as whatever else I get up to in the meantime. 

I'm still trying to figure out what kind of blogger I am, but when I work it out I'll let you know. For now I'll have fun with it and try not to take life too seriously. 

But now, to listen to The Lake Poets over and over through my headphones and eventually go to sleep. Its been a while since I've been obsessed with a song like I am Edinburgh. I can see it being stuck in my head for some time.  


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