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Okay, its been a while since I last posted..oops! I might have got a bit too comfortable enjoying my time off uni...
So, last week I officially moved out of halls and into our new house. It was kind of sad, but not as bad as I expected. So, I thought I'd give you a peek at where I've lived for the past year. Welcome to 20 Limes Court...

(I apologise for the photos, they weren't intended for my blog so the quality isn't great!)

I took this the day I moved in, after my parents had left and after I'd been to the SU with my housemates. It's so weird to think how nervous I was! As you can see, it was kind of bare but it was such a change from my 6ft x 8ft room here at home.

I took these about 3 days apart during my first week in York. To add some personality to my room I bought the Big Bang Theory and The Dark Knight Rises posters from HMV the first time I went into town with one of my housemates. Later in the week I went to a poster fair in the SU and bought the Central Park and London posters, as well as an exploding TARDIS Doctor Who poster which, I've just realised, I never took a picture of :(


I don't have many photos from October, so here are a couple from Halloween of our kitchen window. At home we've never really decorated for Halloween so I was really excited to do it. We even bought sweets in case of trick or treaters, but none came. That night we stayed in and watched Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas in the kitchen because none of us like actual horror movies that much.


No photos from November, but December is much more fun to write about anyway! Obviously I HAD to decorate my room for Christmas with a tree and tinsel like I do every year at home. I always wrap presents and keep them around my diddy tree and this year was no exception. (I must have been watching the X Factor when I took that photo- I hadn't realised.) We decided to make Christmas dinner and decorate the kitchen before everyone went home to their families. Cooking dinner was stressful but it was tasty, followed by some Christmas cracker jokes and pudding. 


In February it was my birthday so I had my birthday cards on display for half of the month. You can also see all of the books and DVDs I had in York with me this year. I couldn't have gone to uni without them I don't think, especially not my Harry Potters! 


I hadn't realised my photos of the house from 2013 were so sparse! In May it was the height of exam season so I was revising constantly. I found a new use for my wardrobe - a place to put my Post-It timeline! 
It obviously worked because I came out with two 2:1s in the exams I did in May. 


This was how my pinboard looked in June just before I moved out. (Please excuse the mess in the bottom left hand corner, I was in the middle of packing when I remembered to take this.) I've been a huge fan of Vogue for years now (despite it being a tad expensive for me to buy, and relying on donations from my aunty!) and I decided to pick some ads to stick up in my room. I know most of them feature celebrities (Lily Cole, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevingne) but they're just so damn beautiful!

I'm going to miss my room at Limes Court, but I'm really looking forward to having a double bed when I go back to uni in September! I hope you've enjoyed the story of number 20 as much as I enjoyed living it!


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