To Read #1

Thanks to my lovely friends and family I had a few extra pennies to spend after my birthday. Inevitably, some of this went on books which now means I have a bit of a long list of books on my 'to read' list.

#1 - City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I've already posted about the City of Bones but I still haven't got round to reading it yet. I have seen the trailer for the movie adaptation though, which looks pretty good. I'll have to read the book before the movie comes out so I can compare.

#2 - Changeling by Philippa Gregory. I've wanted to read something by Philippa Gregory for some time now and when I saw this in the teen section of Waterstones I had to get it.

#3 - The Memorial by Christopher Isherwood. I fell in love with Christopher Isherwood after watching Matt Smith in Christopher and his Kind a couple of years ago. I know now that it was more like Goodbye to Berlin and Mr Norris Changes Trains than Christopher and His Kind, which I've read - as well as A Single Man. Nevertheless I still love his stuff.

#4 & #5 Neverwhere and Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman. My friend Grace loves Neil Gaiman and on a beach day last year she made me read one of the short stories from Smoke and Mirrors, which was brilliant. And after realising the Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife and the novel the movie Stardust was based on were written by him I just had to read some of his stuff.

#6 Tender is the Night & The Last Tycoon by F Scott Fitzgerald. I loved reading The Great Gatsby at A Level (and can't wait for the Baz Luhrmann adaptation to come out in May) and I've been wanting to read more of his stuff for a while now. I got this for £1.99 at a book store in Helmsley when we stopped off for lunch on a trip to Rievaulx Abbey for uni. As much as I'd love this hardback version of Tender is the Night (its so pretty!) I figured £1.99 for two Fitzgerald books was a bargain.

#7 & #8 One Day and Starter for Ten by David Nicholls. Since seeing the film of One Day earlier this year I've been wanting to read the book. I thought the film was really good and I figured the book can only be better, as books usually are in comparison to films. I got my copy second hand from Amazon, the cover is a bit faded but I don't really mind.

I remember seeing the adaptation of Starter for Ten at the cinema when it came out years ago. But it wasn't until I watched it with my housemates a couple of weeks ago that I realised how good it is (and how good the cast is - James McAvoy, Catherine Tate and Benedict Cumberbatch among others all in one film? Yes please!) So I got it from Amazon the same time as One Day, second hand too.

And considering I'm only half way through The Fellowship of the Ring? Looks like I'm going to be busy!  


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