Well hello there. Long time, no see.

Ask anyone who has done a degree and they'll probably tell you that third year is mental. First term passed me by in a bit of a blur, but now I've reached my final ever Easter holidays everything is getting really goddamn serious. I've spent the whole of March in front of my laptop trying to meet one deadline after another, and somehow I've come out of it with my sanity (mostly) intact. 

I've now only got one more deadline, and its the big one. My dissertation is due in on the 24th April, and I'm about half way there. I also have two exams in May but right now my main focus is my dissertation. 

I've neglected my blog a lot since my last post (well, since September really) but my uni work is more important to me at the minute. However, seeing as I have today off work I've also decided to take a day off from uni work too. My goal for today is to get a few blog posts written up (accompanied by as much Netflix as I like) that I can leave to the magic of the internet to post for me over the next month or so. I've got a few ideas and I'm looking forward to spending a day writing about something that isn't Victorian England, JFK or the women's suffrage movement (despite actually still being really excited about my dissertation topic!) 

Happy Sunday 


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