What I Got For Christmas

It's been quite a while hasn't it? I've been so busy with work and uni that my poor blog's been a bit neglected over the past couple of months. Nevermind eh? 

I thought I'd end the slight radio silence by sharing what I got for Christmas with you. It was a bit of a weird Christmas, with me working in York on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Only having one day at home really did make it more special in a way, although I missed seeing the Lindstedts for our annual Christmas Eve get together! 

I was a really lucky girl this year and got some absolutely lovely presents this year from my Mam and Dad, Gran and Aunty Karen, Nana and Aunty Kayleigh, and Sam and his Mam. 

The biggest surprise I got from my Mam and Dad was my gorgeous Cath Kidston Folk Flowers Wheeled Business Bag. I wasn't expecting it at all and I was so grateful. It'll be great for travelling home on the train with all my dissertation work this year. 

I also got quite a few Bath/Body/Skincare/Makeup bits and bobs this year. Firstly, the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is my new favourite cleanser, so Sam's Mam got me the Liz Earle Skincare Discovery gift set (incl. the Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and two muslin cloths.) I also got the Gentle Face Exfoliator and Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask from my Mam and Dad but forgot to include them in the photo. I now also have a little stash of Snow Fairy related goodies from Lush thanks to my Nana's present of the Christmas Candy Box and Little Snow Fairy gift sets. 
I asked for Urban Decay's Naked palette last year but it was out of stock, so my Mam was super organised this year and bought it in advance. I was over the moon. As well as that I got a new Benefit Dandelion blusher, a basket of Faith In Nature essentials and a bright pink Tangle Teezer. 

This year marked the start of my obsession with Castle - I managed to get through seasons 1 to 6 over the summer and may or may not have watched it whenever I've seen it on TV since then - so for Christmas my Mam and Dad I got the season 1-6 box set AND the first book of the Nikki Heat series. (The series of books inspired by the novels Castle writes in the show.) Not gonna lie, I'm so excited to read it. 

Probably the biggest surprise this year was this gorgeous Rotary watch from Sam. I didn't know he'd bought it for me and I couldn't believe it when I opened it. I've now got no intentions of asking for a Michael Kors watch for my 21st now, this one is so beautiful that I don't need one. 

And finally, what would Christmas be without a ton and a half of chocolate? 

(P.S. My photos are a bit weird, I took them on my new phone which, after a move from IOS to Android yesterday, I'm not entirely sure how to use properly yet!) 


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