3rd Year Bucket List

This weekend marks the beginning of reading week at uni, where hard working students are allowed time to catch up on reading or work on essays, without the interruption of lectures, while the last batch of third years graduate in the Minster. Or you know, spend a week at home with family or binge watch TV shows on Netflix. Probably the latter. 

For the last two years I've spent this week at home, but seeing as I'm at work and have a mountain of uni stuff to do I'm staying in York. 

I did think, however, that this would be a good time to share my Third Year of Uni Bucket List with you - and see how many I've managed to tick off in the first few months back at uni. I had planned on sharing it at the beginning of term, but after finding out I'd be losing out on quite a bit of student finance, I figured I'd never get much of it done. Lo and behold, there'd been a mix up with my application, so I get a little bit more than I thought I would. Thankfully I kept hold of my list and I've managed to tick off more than I thought I had - some of which I've already told you about, so I won't ramble on too much about them!

1.Go out during Freshers' week
 This year me and my housemates went out for the first time during Freshers' week, and I'm so glad we did. We even went on the bar crawl, except we started off in Stone Roses and missed out a few in the middle. I only went out 3 nights - I don't think I would have survived the whole week - but it was still more than I'd been out in my first two years of uni put together! 

2. Get a job
Yes! I FINALLY have a job: I'm a Christmas Temp at Debenhams. I've only had my training, and my first proper shift isn't until Tuesday. But I think I've done alright so far, and everyone seems lovely. I'm really glad I ended up there. 

3. Visit the Minster

4. Go to the Cath Kidston Sudent Night
Yep, for the third and final year I went to the Cath Kidston Student Night in York. I saved up some money from babysitting over the summer to spend, and you can see what I got in this post. 

5. Do something for Halloween
This year, Sian suggested we have a party for Halloween - which meant I finally got to realise my dream of dressing up as Poison Ivy, the Batman villain. More photos here

6. Have Christmas dinner with my housemates

7. Go to at least one Archies' day

8. Have afternoon tea somewhere nice

9. Do some work in the library
I'm generally reserving commentary for things I've managed to do, but I'm putting it out there now that it's not looking likely that I'll do much work in the library. Its too busy and I spend more time thinking about buying hot chocolate from the Costa there than actually doing any work!

10. Go out for my 21st

11. Join the History Society again
I joined the society last September because my friend Laura is on the committee and I probably needed to get out more. I really enjoyed being part of the society, so I joined again this year when I got back to uni. I haven't been to a lot of socials - purely because I've got a lecture that finishes right before they start and I've been at home quite a lot when there's been trips and other events on. But I will try to go to as many as I can before the end of third year.

12. Go to the Sports and Societies Dinner

13. Go to Summer Ball

14. Go on a Ghost Walk
One of the History Society events that I did manage to make it to. I'd wanted to go on a Ghost Walk for ages, but I wanted someone to go with me. It was really good, and I only had to pay £4 (which was even better!) 

15. Go on a River Tour

I'm quite proud of how many I've done, and hopefully I'll have managed a few more by the time Christmas comes around! Except maybe working in the library. 


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