If you read my last post you might have noticed that at the end of last year I signed up to Graze. It's something I'd been thinking of doing for a while, as a few of my friends had recommended them to me. The boxes are £3.89 each and you can choose whether your boxes are delivered weekly or fortnightly. I was lucky enough to be given a friend code by my lovely friend Amy which meant that I get my 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free.

For the boxes themselves you get four different healthy snacks to 'graze' on. From nuts and seeds to healthier versions of indulgent snacks (hello chocolate brownie) there are over 100 different nibbles to choose from. 

 My first box

Fast forward four boxes and I've got a pretty good idea of the kind of stuff I like (and the stuff I definitely don't), which I've marked as 'bin', 'like' or 'love' on the Graze website. So after a bit of a think, and because each box comes with four snacks, I've decided on my top four favourites that would make up my ideal Graze box.

1. Guilt Free High Tea: Lemon and Poppy Slice*
I've never really been a fan of lemon cake, I don't really know why, but this little beauty is the exception. I'll be totally honest, when I opened my box and saw the size of the cake I was quite disappointed. It seemed really small. Saying that, when I got round to giving it a try I was actually pleasantly surprised. I had the tea and cake together as a bit of an afternoon tea, when I was a bit peckish mid afternoon one Monday. I chose to have the tea without milk, but the Graze website says that it works both with or without. I don't know whether it's because lemon cake isn't something I'd usually choose but, despite the small size, the cake was just enough to give me a taste of something sweet without filling me up too much.

2. Healthy Popcorn: Twist of Black Pepper*
My housemate Hannah had received one of the other varieties of the popcorn in one of her Graze boxes and had told me it was lovely. I do really like sweet popcorn, but other than that, the only savory popcorn I've ever had is salted (yuk!). I was really excited to try this, and I wasn't disappointed. The popcorn came with some really helpful cooking instructions and I managed not to burn it (which is what I was worried about.) Once the popcorn was ready, I was really surprised at how much was in the bag. I don't know what I was expecting but I didn't think I'd get as much as I did. Whoever thought of the flavour is a genius in my book though, it was absolutely gorgeous. I'd also forgotten how much I loved eating freshly popped popcorn, yum!

3. Firey Seeds*
This is the kind of thing I was expecting to receive when I signed up to Graze. The Firey Seeds consist of roasted chilli pumpkin and sunflower seeds. They were really lovely and the punnet was deceiving - they lasted a lot longer than I thought they would! I love anything spicy, so these were perfect for me - and a good alternative for chilli flavoured peanuts, which I'd always liked the sound of but I'm not keen on nuts.

4. Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack*
Finally, and saving the best 'til last, the Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack. I actually can't describe how good this was. I love the combination of apple and cinnamon generally, but I've never had them in a flapjack before. This has got to be my overall favourite snack that I've received in a Graze box, based purely on how excited I was when I was eating it. I genuinely didn't want it to end.

Overall I really like the idea of Graze, and I've been really impressed with most of the snacks I've had in my boxes. However, £3.89 a week (or a fortnight in my case) is sometimes something I can't justify on a student budget. Luckily, there is the option to 'push back' your boxes, which means I can schedule them to only come when I know I can afford them. I don't yet know how to cancel boxes for good though, which is something I might want to consider once the friend code I'm using finishes.

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