Holiday, oh, holiday

Sorry I'm a bit behind with the blogging, quite a lot has happened recently so I've had a bit of a backlog of things I've wanted to write about! Anyway, as you might have guessed, this post is all about our holiday to Scotland (and the eventful week beforehand.) We've been to the Moray Firth 4 times now and it's such a lovely place to go!

Sometimes bad things happen. You hear about people being victims of crime and think 'Oh, that will never happen to me.' And then it does. Unfortunately, in the early hours of the 6th of August our family car was set alight - as did the cars belonging to both of our neighbours. It was awful. I won't bore you with the details, but 4 days before we were due to drive up to Scotland for our holiday we were without a car and in no position to buy a new one.

Luckily, my Dad's brother was going abroad the same week and said my parents could be put on his insurance so we could borrow his car. So after a lot of stress and uncertainty, we eventually made it to Scotland.

I won't bore you with a minute by minute account of everything we did, but here are a few highlights :)

Clockwise L - R:
1. Our home for the week, in our favourite place near the Moray Firth. Such a pretty cottage!
2. Chest of drawers complete with decorative Nessie in mine and my sister's room. 
3. Our surprisingly comfy beds. 
4. Apples in the garden. 
5. Tess during one of many walks - what a great face!
6. Nairn beach, possibly my favourite beach in the world. 
7. Real wood fire, such a shame we didn't need to use it!
8. The garden. I wish our garden at home looked like this!

1. A dolphin, taken at Chanonry Point. My sister and I have adopted dolphins with the WDC for 11 years now and every time we go to the Moray Firth we always go dolphin spotting. This year we only managed to see some on our last night, usually we see them every time we go to Chanonry and usually they swim much closer to the shore. Apologies for the bad quality! 
2. Me at John O'Groats. Boy was it windy!
3. The view from the viewing point at John O'Groats. 
4. A rainbow! Taken at Chanonry Point. 

1. The Eagle Stone, Strathpeffer. 'The stone is associated with the prophecies of the 16th century Brahan Seer. He predicted that if the stone fell three times, the surrounding valley would be flooded, and the stone used as an anchor. It has since fallen twice, and is now set in concrete.' [From Wikipedia]
2. Rogie Falls.
3. Salmon trying to jump upstream- crazy! (Believe it or not that black thing in the middle is a Salmon, I couldn't get any better photos.)
4. Strawberry ice cream, mmmm :)

We did do other things too, including A LOT of reading. We even found a pub that stocked 251 whiskeys, like a million beers, did food and allowed dogs (as well as having the best brownies ever!) It was a nice holiday, especially after everything that happened with the car and I'm really glad we actually got there!


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