T in the Park #2

Sorry for the slight delay, I do realise it's been over a month since T in the Park but for one reason or another I haven't got round to blogging about the rest of the festival. So, without further ado...

Saturday 13th July 2013

Day 2 of T in the Park and me and my Dad managed to catch bits from the sets of 10 different acts, if not the whole set! Firstly, we caught the end of James Arthur's set on the Main Stage when we arrived on Saturday. I'm not exactly his biggest fan but he was alright. I quite liked that he thanked the crowd for 'not throwing piss' at him. 

The Fratellis

The first band I really wanted to see on day 2 was The Fratellis. I've loved them since I first heard Chelsea Dagger when I was 13 (scarily, quite a while ago now!) They've played in Newcastle loads of times since then but I've never been able to go so I was determined to see them at T. They played all my favourites, including Whistle For The Choir, Henrietta and even A Heady Tale from Here We Stand but obviously Chelsea Dagger got the biggest reaction from the crowd. I'm so glad I finally got to see them live, they were so good!
(My Dad's only complaint was that he's never seen a band where the lead singer didn't say anything to the crowd, but that didn't bother me.)

After that we hung around to see Deacon Blue, who my Dad wanted to see. He was convinced I'd know loads of stuff by them. It turned out I didn't, and actually neither did he!  

The View

The plan after that was to stay where we were and watch The View. Sadly I came over all funny from being out in the sun for what was by this time 3 hours, so I had to go and sit in the shade for a bit. 
#gingerproblems anyone?
Despite this, we watched the band on the screens and I was glad I didn't miss their set completely. I didn't know much that they played, probably because I've only heard Which Bitch? and Cheeky For a Reason, but I don't know anyone that wouldn't recognise Same Jeans when it was played.

Lucy Spraggan
My Dad really wanted to see Lucy Spraggan on the T Break Stage. He saw her first audition on the X Factor and loved it (it made him cry, but I didn't tell you that!) The tent was packed - apparently it was the first time they've ever had to put up a 'tent full' sign at T in the Park. She was good and I quite enjoyed it but I still felt really awful. I knew my Dad wanted to at least see her perform Tea and Toast, so I forced myself to stay that long but I didn't manage the whole set. 

After that we went to get some food from Healthy T. My dad had bolognese and I managed to eat a few chips, which made me feel a little bit better. While we were eating we got talking to some Scottish people who had been to the festival for 16 consecutive years, 16! They had pretty good craic, which probably helped take my mind off feeling so rubbish!

Paloma Faith

Once we'd eaten we went to see what would be my second favourite act of the weekend: Paloma Faith. She was just brilliant. Classy and glamorous, but funny too. I don't know every song from her albums, and my Dad knew barely any of them, but she was a real...show-woman (?) and even he was really impressed. My favourite was definitely Just Be, which she sang on top of the piano. She described it as a love song 'for real people,' and that has really stayed with me. I loved the fact that she had a cup of tea on stage with her, and her dress was gorgeous! I definitely have to see her live next time she's touring. 

Miles Kane
Once Paloma's set had finished we headed over to King Tut's for Miles Kane. There was a 10 minute clash between the two, so we missed his first few songs. I haven't been a fan of his solo stuff for long, but I loved him in The Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner. The atmosphere in the tent was so good, especially when he played the likes of Inhaler, Don't Forget Who You Are and Come Closer. Another artist I'd really like to see again live. 

Travis and The Script
After Miles Kane we stuck around in King Tut's and caught the first couple of songs from Travis' set. We'd been planning on going to see The Script for months seeing as we've followed them since we saw them support Scouting for Girls in 2008, so we left King Tut's to see them on the Main Stage. To be honest this decision can probably be named the worst decision of the weekend. I used to love them but, for me, their first album is their best and I think it probably always will be. I'm not sure I like the way Danny acted during their set, I know he's a performer but it seemed a bit like he was showing off because he's famous. I'll always love that first album, but their set really didn't impress me. 

Finally, we ended the day with Alt-J. Rihanna was the headliner on the Main Stage, and Beady Eye were headlining the Radio 1 stage but we didn't fancy either of them. Seeing as our bus wasn't until 00:15 we went back to King Tut's; partly because Alt-J were the best option and partly because it was warmer in the tent than outside and my Dad didn't have a jacket. I didn't know anything by them but they weren't the worst band that we saw over the weekend. 

Day 2 was a bit of a long one, but the amount of bands I got the chance to see was brilliant. 
I WILL blog about the final day very soon ... x


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