Decisions, Decisions

With the UCAS decision deadline looming I've decided to blog again, partially to vent about my own indecisiveness but also so I can look back in the future and (hopefully) think "What was I worried about? [Insert university here] is great!"

So basically, I've got Conditional offers from Sunderland University, Newcastle University, Northumbria University and York St John. I'm still waiting to hear from the University of York but I think I've already decided that I liked some of the others more.

I've still got until 9th May to reply to my offers but I don't know which ones to put as my firm/insurance. I think its either going to be Northumbria/York St John, York St John/Northumbria or Northumbria/Newcastle. But I'll probably change my mind another twenty or so times before I make my final decision!

The next big thing is results day on the 8th D:
Fingers crossed I don't have to resit the Law special study - or the History Women's Suffrage exam for that matter!


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